TRS Apparel and Equipment

For all required equipment contact Coach Holmes -
For all team apparel contact Lisa Palalmaro  -

*****Instructions:  How to order TEAM ROCKLAND Items online.

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Team suit, practice suits and all team equipment

2019-2020 Team Suit (required for meets) not same suit as 2018

    2019 Girls Diamondfit suit             2019 Girls Cutoutfit suit                    2019 Boys Reaper Jammer                          2019 Boys Reaper Brief

 Reaper Diamondfit     Reaper Cutoutfit        Reaper Jammer       Reaper Brief
          $63.95        $63.95         $41.25                 33.75

Bronze 1 & 2: Team Suit, Mesh bag, pull buoy (small or large), kickboard
Silver: Team Suit, Mesh bag, pull buoy, kickboard,
 rubber training fins,
Gold and Senior: Team Suit, Mesh bag, pull buoy, kickboard, rubber training fins, pull                                                              paddles, training strap

  • Below are samples of what your swimmer will need (see above).  
  • Equipment size may vary.  
  • Pics below may not show actual style, color or size of item.
  • Swimmer may choose the size, style and color they are comfortable with.

TRS Equip