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13-15  Metro Junior Olympics & Team Challenge - NCAC, Hempstead, LI CANCELLED
20-22 Bronze Championships (North) - Valley Central HS  CANCELLED
26-29   Speedo Sectionals Region 1 LCM at Erie CC, Buffalo, NY CANCELLED

TRS Red/Black Inter-squad Meet @ North Rockland HS - TBA

5-19      Spring Break



Please know that meet entries are often sent out 8 to 10 weeks ahead of time. For this reason, if your swimmer will not be able to attend a meet (or part of a meet), please let us know as soon as possible by email to your coach. You will receive a confirmation immediately upon receipt. There are no refunds for entries if email is sent after entries have been sent in. All emails will be archived.

Once your child is entered in a meet your entry is non-refundable.  Plan ahead to make sure you will be able to attend all meets on the schedule.

Relays - If a swimmer is entered in a relay and they are a No Show for the sesson/relay

requiring our coaching staff to scratch that relay (s), that (no show) swimmers account will be charged the FULL or partial amount for that relay.  Relay fees are $8 -$10 per relay (decided by host team).

All TRS swimmers are charged a Metro Surcharge for each meet.

NO SHOWS and FINES at meets

  • A "No Show" is when a swimmer does not show up to a session(s) of a meet without notification.
  • A swimmer/family who is a "no show" at any regularly scheduled meet will be fined $20 for each session. For Championship meets a "no show" will incur a $50 fine per session.
  • All swimmers and/or parents are required to notify coaches of any no shows to any session of a meet.
  • Notification must be sent by email to ensure time stamp of notification. You may also send a text message. However, text messages are not always received in time due to poor reception.  ALL EMAILS AND TEXT MESSAGES SHOULD  BE SENT TO YOUR CHILDS COACH AND COACH HOLMES to ensure message is received.
  • Notification must be sent prior to the start of the session by either the swimmer or parent of that swimmer. No exceptions.
  • If a swimmer is a No Show for a relay and we have a replacement at the meet the swimmer will be fined .25 of the relay entry fee.
  • If a swimmer is a "no show" resulting in scratch for the relay to which they were entered the individual "no show" swimmer will assume full financial responsibility for that relay.
  • NOTE: Proper notification of a "no show" does not relieve the indiv. from full financial responsibility of a scratched relay if the scratch is a result of the swimmers absence.