Group Descriptions

Our Goal is to cultivate and develop an understanding of competitive swimming while providing a fun and "water safe" environment.  Along the way we hope to encourage and guide our young swimmers through our 4 competitive levels and ultimately represent our NR Red Raider Varsity Girls and Boys Swimming & Diving teams at local, Sectional and State competitions

Bronze Team
Our Bronze Team is a 7-12 year old swimmers in the North Rockland CSD. Swimmers in this group should be able to demonstrate a minimum of 25 yds.  proficiency in 2 of the 4 competitive swimming strokes (most commonly backstroke and freestyle). This is a competitive instruction based group with a focus on our young athletes learning to master the 4 competitive strokes of swimming and how it applies to competition.
*  Number of practices required each week - (3) -1 hr/day

Bronze Team Swimmers will learn:

  • Team work, time management, good sportsmanship, positive attitude, respect towards oneself and others and a strong productive work ethic.

Silver Team
Silver Team swimmers have a dedication and desire to compete at local and regional competitions.   Graduating from our Bronze Team they will be capable of following a workout design appropriate for there age and abilities. They will continue learning the mastery of stroke technique (50%) along with workout instruction (50%).
* Number of practices required each week - 4

Gold and Senior swimmers are willing to make a yearly commitment to representing TRS on a local, regional and national level. Short and long-term goals and desires are a top priority. All swimmers must first meet with Coach Holmes before beginning this challenge. This is an intense stroke and training program that will require an uninterrupted commitment to reaching both individual and team goals.
* Number of practices required each week - Gold – 5, Senior - 6