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Web Site: www.teamrockland.org 

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Dave Holmes, Head Coach
North Rockland H.S.
106 Hammond Rd., Thiells, NY  10984
email: Holmsey11@optonline.net

Team Rockland Swimming:
Is a USS competitive swim team dedicated to supporting the growth of competitive swimming at NRHS and the North Rockland community. Our focus is to offer a financially affordable aquatic program to our North Rockland residents that not only encourages swimming but also promotes such qualities as good sportsmanship, positive attitude and respect towards oneself and others along with a strong and productive work ethic.

Swimming is a way of life.  No person can “win” or succeed all the time. Keep in mind, the nature of sport is to win.  However, there may be setbacks and disappointments along to the way. All swimmers can learn and gain from their experiences, regardless of ever winning a race. The key is to strive for excellence and learn from failures. We are here, not only to promote great swimming, but to help develop great young individuals that swim.


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To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.  TRS helps members of our community build self-esteem by incorporating a proven youth development strategy in all of our programs and services. This strategy instills:
  • A sense of competence — feeling that there is something every member can do well.
  • A sense of usefulness — the opportunity to do something of value for other people.
  • A sense of belonging — in a setting where members know they are welcome and accepted.
  • A sense of power or influence — a chance to be heard and to help influence decisions.

GOALS (back to top )

  • To provide aquatic programs and services for our community members and supporters.
  • To be committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all of our swimmers, families and community.
  • To increase interest in the sport of swimming at an early age –Pre-competitive, Age Group (competitive) and ultimately NR Modified and Varsity Girls and Boys Swimming and Diving Teams.
  • To be committed to the improvement and excellence of our sport.
  • To value the members of the swimming community and the staff of volunteers who help them. 
  • To offer a program that is both financially and time affordable to the majority of our NRCSD residents.

FACILITY (back to top )

Location:          North Rockland HS
                        Thiells, NY  10984
                        (10 miles south of West Point Military Academy)
                        (10 miles north of the Tappan Zee Bridge)

Description:     8 lane, 25 yard pool
                        IST Timing System with Daktronics Touch Pads
                        1 Meter Diving Board

Parents are prohibited from going on the pool deck AT ANY TIME!
You must schedule an appointment to meet with a coach.


Our Goal is to cultivate and develop an understanding of competitive swimming while providing a fun and "water safe" environment. Along the way we hope to encourage and guide our young swimmers through our 4 competitive levels and ultimately represent our NR Red Raider Varsity Girls and Boys Swimming & Diving teams at local, Sectional and State competitions

Bronze Team
Our Bronze Team is a 7-12 year old swimmers in the North Rockland CSD. Swimmers in this group should be able to demonstrate a minimum of 25 yds. proficiency in 2 of the 4 competitive swimming strokes (most commonly backstroke and freestyle). This is a competitive instruction based group with a focus on our young athletes learning to master the 4 competitive strokes of swimming and how it applies to competition.
* Number of practices required each week - (3) -1 hr/day

Bronze Team Swimmers will learn:

  • Team work, time management, good sportsmanship, positive attitude, respect towards oneself and others and a strong productive work ethic.

* Number of practices required each week - (3) -1 hr/day

Silver Team
Silver Team swimmers have a dedication and desire to compete at local and regional competitions. Graduating from our Bronze Team they will be capable of following a workout design appropriate for there age and abilities. They will continue learning the mastery of stroke technique (50%) along with workout instruction (50%).
* Number of practices required each week - 4

Gold and Senior swimmers are willing to make a yearly commitment to representing TRS on a local, regional and national level. Short and long-term goals and desires are a top priority. All swimmers must first meet with Coach Holmes before beginning this challenge. This is an intense stroke and training program that will require an uninterrupted commitment to reaching both individual and team goals.
* Number of practices required each week - Gold – 5, Senior - 6

PRACTICE SCHEDULE: (back to top)

Fall/Winter season  September - April
Spring/Summer April - August 

Our Swim Team is divided into four different practice groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Senior.

  • Swimmers are assigned a practice group by the head coach.  
  • Swimmers participating in any additional sports (outside of NRHS Swimming and Diving) are still required to make the minimum number of weekly practices.

TEAM FEES (back to top)

  • All fees will be paid directly to Team Rockland.  Attached is the fee structure per swimmer for the September to August
  • Your on-line registration includes the swimmer’s registration to USA-Swimming, transfer fees, administration fees.  Uniform and travel fees will continue to be paid by individual families. 

MEET ENTRIES (back to top )
Please know that meet entries are sent out 6 to 8 weeks ahead of time. For this reason, if your swimmer will not be able to attend a meet (or part of a meet), please let us know as soon as possible by email to your coach.  You will receive a confirmation immediately upon receipt.  There are no refunds for entries if email is sent after entries have been sent in.  All emails will be archived.

  • Once your child is entered in a meet your entry is non-refundable.
  • Plan ahead to make sure you will be able to attend all meets on the schedule.
  • Relay fees are $8 -$10 per relay (decided by host team).


    Attending or Declining meet attendance through TRS Team Portal
    Printable instructions
    Accepting (Attending) a meet indicates you will attend all/part sessions selected.  By selecting "Attending" obligates you to all entry fees associated with that meet.  If you choose "Not Attending" you will not be entered in the meet.  If there is no response it will be considered "Not Attending".

    "Attending" a meet indicates you understand you are obligated to compete in that meet.  This obligation includes any meet fees and fines associated with that entry.

    "Not Attending" a meet Opting out of a meet means that a swimmer may choose to "opt-out" of a meet they know they will not be able to attend. 
    NOTE:  if your schedule has changed and you are able to attend after Attendance Deadline please email your coach to let them know.  We will make every effort to request your late entry be accepted.  Late entries can only be approved by meet host.

    Advanced EMAIL notice (min 24 hours) is required.  Important to understand entries are normally sent in up to 3 months in advance.  Once the entries are sent the entry fees cannot be recovered.  If you are unable to make the meet last minute you are asked to text your coach to let them know and you will be scratched with no penalty.  However, an email is required to avoid getting fined for a "No-Show".  A swimmer is considered a "no show" when they do not attend meet without notification and will be fined accordingly.  


    1. Meet entries are sent out up to 3 months BEFORE the actual meet date. The coaches will always enter all the swimmers that are eligible for the meets, except if we get an emailed note ahead of time.  As soon as you know that you will be unavailable for a meet, or a portion of a meet, an email must be sent to your group coach and Coach Holmes

    2. Swimmers should arrive at the pool 20 minutes BEFORE the warm-up time in order to be ready, on deck, for warm-up. Warm up is very important in order to swim well and fast.

    Scratches for a meet are always due 30 minutes after the start of the warm-up. If you arrive late, the coaches might think that you are not coming and will scratch you from the session. It is very difficult, and sometimes impossible to re-enter swimmers in a meet after they have been scratched.

    4. Do not call your coach if you are sick on the day of a meet.  Coaches will be on their way to the meet, are already at the meet or do not get cell service at the meet. If you are unable to attend, call a swimmer in your age group and ask him/her to let the coaches know that you will not be at the meet.

    5. Don’t forget to come to a meet well prepared! Bring your TEAM SUIT (only worn at swim meets), TEAM CAPS (only TRS caps are allowed), TEAM T-SHIRT, sweatshirts, sweatpants, a few towels, 2 working pairs of goggles, etc. PLASTIC drink bottles are allowed on deck, but NO GLASS BOTTLES will be permitted. Swimmers are to stay on deck during the meet. And please, remember to label everything you bring to a meet!

    6. Not everyone will be in a relay. Check with the coaches to see if you are in a relay. Relays are a part of a meet. Swimmers entered in a relay are required to stay for their relays. If you are in a relay, stay until your relay has finished swimming. If you are not in a relay, you can leave after your last individual event (don’t forget to say goodbye to the coaches).

    7. Before you leave the meet, pick up everything you brought with you to the meet. Check that you have your towels, goggles, suit, shirts, sweatshirts, etc. We will only bring back items that are labeled with a swimmer’s name. And … PICK UP AND THROW YOUR GARBAGE AWAY…

    8. For every meet, age as of the first day of the meet determines the swimmers age group.

    9. Meets usually last for about 4 hours (without counting the warm-up). So come prepared!

    10.TRS swimmers will have the opportunity to swim every event in their age group during the course of the year. Coaches will choose swimmers’ events for every meet.

    11. Not every swimmer will swim in every meet. Some meets we have certain groups competing. Some meets have strict qualifying standards (Junior Nationals, Speedo Champions Series, Senior Mets, Junior Olympics, Zone Qualifier, Silver and Age Group Championships, some “Holiday” meets and some other away meets). Some meets will have top end times so a swimmer may be too fast for a particular meet (Silver and Age Group championships for example).

    UNIFORM: (back to top)
    Team fitting will take place over a three-day period at a scheduled time in September. All TRS swimmers are required to purchase a team suit (to be worn at meets only), team shirt, team cap (required for girls). Caps other than the team cap will not be allowed at swim meets. Team Rockland uniforms (team suit, team warm-ups, team t-shirts, team caps, deck shorts and team bags) will be purchased through our team website - TBA).  All other items (goggles, sandals, towels, water bottle, etc.) can be purchased from a swim shop of your choice. 

    TEAM EQUIPMENT (back to top) 
    All swimmers will be using required equipment for various training and stroke technique instruction throughout the regular training season.

    Bronze:                       Mesh bag, pull buoy, kickboard
    Silver:                         Mesh bag, pull buoy, kickboard, fins
    Gold and Senior:        Mesh bag, pull buoy, kickboard, pull paddles, fins, Training strap

    COMMUNICATION : (back to top)

    Everyone will be expected to help at all team events and and be ready at away meets if called upon (We are not often needed at away meets.  However, some meets require parent volunteers from each team). Some parents help as USA-Swimming Meet Officials or Meet Marshals while others may be called upon to help with lane timing.  We will let you know when we need you.

    TRAVEL MEETS: (back to top )

    QUESTIONS: (back to top)

    All swimming related questions should be directed to the coach who works with your child most often or the Head Coach. All team policy questions should be directed to the Head Coach by email.

    Competition is offered to all team members according to their ability and age group. The types of meets offered are outlined here. Each team member is guided by the coaches as to which meet to attend, based on their skill level and team goals. There are seven basic age group classes within the United States Swimming organization. A swimmer’s age for the meet is determined by that swimmer’s age on the first day of the meet.

    AGE GROUPS: 8 & Under, 10 & Under (or 9-10), 11-12, 13-14, 15-18, SENIOR (or OPEN).  Within each age group, there are several ability levels or classifications that allow each swimmer to compete with swimmers at their level.

    CLASSIFICATION LEVELS: C, B, BB, A, AA, AAA, AAAA.  Time standards for each classification are established by United States Swimming. In order to swim an event in a certain classification, a swimmer must have achieved the qualifying time for that classification. This allows for fair and challenging competition on all levels. Some meets offer multiple classification levels. For example, A/BB meets satisfy the need for swimmers that have qualified for events in different classifications (e.g. BB Breaststroke and A Freestyle).

    “C”: This is the classification for those swimmers who have never swum a particular event before, or have not yet swum fast enough to meet the “B” time standard. Many 8-unders are also in this category (there are no time standards for 8-unders; but they can achieve 10-under time standards).

    “B/BB”: This classification is the next step up from the “C” classification. Swimmers must swim a “B” or “BB” cut-off time in order to compete at the “B” or “BB” level.

    “A”: This classification represents the speed and ability that correspond to excellent proficiency in a particular stroke and distance. An “A” qualifying time must have been achieved to participate in an “A” meet.

    “AA”/”AAA”/”AAAA”: As with the other time standards, these represent increasing proficiency in the stroke. The most experienced swimmers are found in these categories.

    Senior Competition is based completely upon speed, without regard to age. If a swimmer is fast enough, then the swimmer may enter “senior” events. A 12 year-old and a 19 year-old may be found in the same heat of an event. The Senior class of competition is the most sophisticated offered and is the spawning ground for our entrants to the National Championships. From these meets, swimmers are selected to represent the United States on National Traveling Teams.

    Timed Finals: means that the swimmers swim all events once. At these meets, heats in each event goes from slowest to fastest.

    Trials/Finals: means that the swimmers swim the events once in the morning. The Top 8 (6), 16 (12), or 24 (18) qualifiers swim the same events again in the evening to determine the winners.

    Short Course: means that the meet is held in a 25 yard pool (like the NRHS pool). This season goes from September to April.

    Long Course: means that the meet is held in a 50 meter pool (or Olympic size pool). This season goes from May to August, even though some long course meets are offered during the year for seniors.


    Silver” Championships: This meet is held once each year during the short course season, usually in March. This is a championship meet for swimmers who have achieved the Silver time standards Swimmers with a JO time may not swim that event at Silvers. Swimmers can still qualify for the Junior Olympics when swimming at the Silver Championships. This meet is held at 3 sites in Metro: North, Central and South. Team Rockland swims at the “Metro – North” meet. TRS swimmers must have achieved the Silver qualifying times in order to compete in this meet.

    “Junior Olympics” or “JO’s”: This meet is held twice a year, short course as a trials/finals meet in March and long course as a timed finals meet in July. It is a qualifying meet where most of the fastest age group swimmers in Metropolitan Swimming compete. TRS swimmers must have achieved the JO qualifying times in order to compete in this meet.

    “Zone Qualifying Meet”: This meet is held once a year in March. This is a trials/finals meet for 11-over and a timed finals meet for 10-under. At this meet, the top 2 finishers in each event (in each age group) will qualify to represent Metropolitan, our LSC (Local Swimming Committee), in the short course Eastern Zone All Star Championships. The Eastern Zone is comprised of the following LSC’s: Adirondack, Allegheny Mountains, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Metropolitan, Middle Atlantic, New England, New Jersey, Niagara, Potomac Valley and Virginia.

    “Age Group Invitational”: This meet will be held at the end of March. It will be an A/B/C meet for all swimmers that have not achieved the JO’s qualifying meet cuts. This meet will be held at three sites in Metro North, Central and South.

    “8-Under Championships”: This is a championship meet for all 8-under swimmers in Metro. The three different age groups at this meet are 6-under, 7 year-olds, and 8 year-olds. There are high point awards for the top 3 scorers in each age group as well as a very coveted Team Spirit Award.

    “Senior Metropolitan Championships” or “Senior Mets”: This competition is held twice a year, as Trials/Finals meet in February (short course) and as a Timed Finals meet in July (long course). This championship meet is for all swimmers that qualify for the senior level as set by Metropolitan Swimming. Remember that a fast 12-year-old may qualify for these meets!

    “Eastern Zone Championships”: This meet is held at the end of March/beginning of April (short course) and in August (long course), somewhere in the Eastern United States. It pits the fastest swimmers of each age group from Metropolitan Swimming against 11 other LSC’s in the Eastern USA (see above at Zone Qualifying Meet). TRS Swimmers that qualify for that meet will represent Metropolitan.

    “Speedo Champions Series” or “Sectionals”: This trials/finals meet is held twice a year, in March and in July, for all senior swimmers achieving the cut-off times for this meet.

    “Junior Nationals”: This meet is held twice a year at one site in the United States: short course in March (NCSA Junior Nationals) and long course in August (USA-Swimming Junior Nationals). TRS Swimmers who qualify will be allowed to go to these meets.

    “USA Swimming National Championships”: This meet is held twice a year, either as a National Championship or as a Qualifying meet for International competitions. Our program is designed to allow any swimmer, with the talent and dedication to reach this level, to do so. The meet location rotates around the United States and offers the qualifiers the opportunity to travel.

    It is the stated goal of the Team Rockland Swim Team to nurture and develop the most successful team and program possible. It is our desires to see all of our athletes direct their energies towards this goal to the best of their ability.